Musa balbisiana

Organism Details
Common Name Banana out-group
Genus Musa
Species balbisiana
Abbreviation M.balbisiana
Bananas are grown in more than 150 countries, producing 105 million tonnes of fruit per year. There are more than 1000 known varieties. Cropping systems vary significantly depending on whether the crop is destined for the local or export market. Dessert banana production for export (17 million tonnes) still largely relies on intensive monocultures, which are sustained by using massive quantities of chemical inputs. It is of huge economic importance for many countries in the South. The bananas grown for local consumption are generally grown in traditional, extensive systems. Dessert bananas account for 43 million tonnes and cooking bananas (plantains and others) for 45 million tonnes. Locally consumed bananas, which are a staple food in many tropical countries, play a major role in terms of food security.

Life span Perennial
Mating system Allogamy
Number of chromosomes 2n = 22
Sequenced accession 'Pisang Klutuk Wulung'


The following files are available for download:

Musa balbisiana (GFF3 format) BB1_Balbisiana.gff
Musa balbisiana (FASTA format) Abyss_Cap3_BB1.fasta

Functional annotations

Blast vs UniProt SwissProt (XML format) BB1_SP.xml
Blast vs UniProt TrEMBLE (XML format) BB1_TR.xml
Blast vs NCBI nr (XML format) BB1_NR.xml
Blast vs nt (XML format) BB1_NT.xml
Blast vs Arabidopsis Thaliana (XML format) BB1_arabido.xml
Blast vs Rice (XML format) BB1_rice.xml
Blast2Go Abyss_Cap3_BB1_250.4b2g.xml.annot
Prot4EST BB1_translations_xtn.fsa
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