Capsicum annuum

Organism Details
Common Name Pepper, Tomato out-group
Genus Capsicum
Species annuum
Abbreviation C.annuum

Life span Annual
Mating system Autogamy
Number of chromosomes 2n = 24
Sequenced accession PM659 (North West India - Punjab)


The following files are available for download:

Capsicum annuum (GFF3 format) SB1_Capsidum.gff
Capsicum annuum (FASTA format) Abyss_Cap3_SB1_250.fasta

Functional annotations

Blast vs UniProt SwissProt (XML format) SB1_SP.xml
Blast vs UniProt TrEMBLE (XML format) SB1_TR.xml
Blast vs NCBI nr (XML format) SB1_NR.xml
Blast vs nt (XML format) SB1_NT.xml
Blast vs Arabidopsis Thaliana (XML format) SB1_arabido.xml
Blast vs Rice (XML format) SB1_rice.xml
Blast2Go Abyss_Cap3_SB1_250.4b2g.xml.annot
Prot4EST SB1_translations_xtn.fsa
Feature Browser
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Feature Name Unique Name Type
Contig10062 Contig10062 gene
Contig10063 Contig10063 gene
Contig10064 Contig10064 gene
Contig10065 Contig10065 gene
Contig10066 Contig10066 gene
Contig10067 Contig10067 gene
Contig10068 Contig10068 gene
Contig10069 Contig10069 gene
Contig10070 Contig10070 gene
Contig10071 Contig10071 gene