Medicago sativa

Organism Details
Common Name Alfalfa
Genus Medicago
Species sativa
Abbreviation M.sativa

Life span Perennial
Mating system Allogamy
Number of chromosomes 2n = 4x = 32
Sequenced accession Gongnond


The following files are available for download:

Medicago sativa (GFF3 format) LC2_Sativa.gff
Medicago sativa (FASTA format) Abyss_CAP3_LC2_250.fasta

Functional annotations

Blast vs UniProt SwissProt (XML format) LC2_SP.xml
Blast vs UniProt TrEMBLE (XML format) LC2_TR.xml
Blast vs NCBI nr (XML format) LC2_NR.xml
Blast vs nt (XML format) LC2_NT.xml
Blast vs Arabidopsis Thaliana (XML format) LC2_arabido.xml
Blast vs Rice (XML format) LC2_rice.xml
Blast2Go Abyss_Cap3_LC2_250.4b2g.xml.annot
Prot4EST LC2_translations_xtn.fsa