Coffea pseudozanguebariae-empogonaour

Organism Details
Common Name Coffee out-group
Genus Coffea
Species pseudozanguebariae-empogonaour
Abbreviation C.pseudozanguebariae-empogonaour
Coffee is the world's leading agricultural resource in value terms. It is a major source of revenue for more than 40 tropical countries, and generates more than 120 million jobs. Coffee is grown on more than 10 million hectares worldwide, primarily on small family farms (70% of the crop comes from farms of under 5 hectares). Two species, Coffea arabica (65%) and Coffea canephora (35%), are cultivated.

Life span Perennial
Mating system Allogamy
Number of chromosomes
Sequenced accession PSE BM 12/8


The following files are available for download:

Coffea pseudozanguebariae-empogonaour (GFF3 format) CB4_Pseudozanguebariae.gff
Coffea pseudozanguebariae-empogonaour (FASTA format) Abyss_Cap3_CB4_250.fasta

Functional annotations

Blast vs UniProt SwissProt (XML format) CB4_SP.xml
Blast vs UniProt TrEMBLE (XML format) CB4_TR.xml
Blast vs NCBI nr (XML format) CB4_NR.xml
Blast vs nt (XML format) CB4_NT.xml
Blast vs Arabidopsis Thaliana (XML format) CB4_arabido.xml
Blast vs Rice (XML format) CB4_rice.xml
Blast2Go Abyss_Cap3_CB4_250.4b2g.xml.annot
Prot4EST CB4_translations_xtn.fsa
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Contig1068 Contig1068 gene
Contig107 Contig107 gene
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Contig1074 Contig1074 gene
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